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Sales funnels and digital marketing are key to selling more courses on Teachable! We can teach you how to do this or we can build them for you!

We are experts in sales funnels for Teachable

We ❤️ and have helped hundreds of course creators to sell more online courses!

"(Reachable) blew me away with their expertise right out of the gate... (Sales) just kept coming in at a nice clip and the money just appeared! It felt like freedom... We totally killed our goals. We broke through the Teachable August creator challenge. It was awesome!"

Making Teachable

Two ways we can help you sell more courses on Teachable

1. Professional Services - Let us do the heavy lifting

At Reachable we understand that not every course creator has the time or inclination to build sales funnels for their courses. So our professional service team are here for you. From funnel design, sales page optimization, running ads, creating video or email automations. We provide every element needed to supercharge your Teachable school, helping you to sell more courses. The best way to get started is to complete the Reachable audit see below.

2. Online School - Learn how to sell more courses

If you want to increase your course sales on your own then the Course Selling Masterclass is for you. These step-by-step tutorials will walk you through every element of a Teachable funnel implementation. Using real world examples with published results you can implement these changes to your own Teachable school. Click below to start.

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Professional Services Frequently Asked Questions

A sales funnel is a series of steps a new student takes in order to purchase your course.  These include steps such as: initial awareness and need of your course; their interest in enrolling; an intent to go ahead and finally purchasing your course. 

These steps can occur in multiple places for example from a Facebook Ad or webinar, to a ‘squeeze’ page containing a lead magnet (a free download in exchange for their contact data) and a sales page which is designed in such a was as to maximise sales conversions.

Each of these steps has industry benchmarks for how many people you should be expecting to go to the next step of the funnel.  i.e how many clicks you need from and Ad to get one download of a lead magnet and how many lead magnets need to be downloaded to get one sale. 

This process will identify where negative steps are in your sales funnel so they can be rectified.  The Teachable site builder has many of the components needed to build a sales funnel but often it needs to be customising (using HTML) in order for the sales funnel to be optimised for greater sales conversions.

Yes, Teachable recommends the use of many third party services in order to help promote your course, such as Webinar Registration Page: Leadpages or Webinar Hosting: GoToWebinar and Aweber for email automation.  In addition Facebook Ads, Google Ad words, Linkedin, Pintrest and Zappier are all also recommended.

We understand this can be overwhelming and this third party software requires  technical competence and incredible amounts of time to implement and test.  Even then you are not guaranteed that all these ‘parts’ will work together to produce new course sales through your sales funnel. 

We will integrate all the necessary third party services together to create a ‘well oiled sales funnel ‘ which will seamlessly join together your marketing, sales and re-targeting into one high converting sales funnel solution for Teachable. 

Yes, we are a service provider who specialise in building the sales funnel for you, you will own all the software accounts and customer data.  Once we have built your sales funnel you can terminate our services at any time, retaining all of your data and services.

We can continue to manage the sales funnel for you, making ongoing improvements where needed, promoting new courses or exploiting new market opportunities for you.  We will be your ongoing technical support and sales funnel consultants for as long as you require our assistance.

Month one is when we complete the audit, overhaul your sales pages and marketing to build your sales funnel.   From month two we start the process of sending new student into the sales funnel. 

Then over each subsequent month the number of new students will rise as we increase the sales funnels performance.  Our goal is to have our service paying for itself by month 2 or 3 so you want to retain our services moving forward.

Once an audit is completed, should you wish to use our services to implement your sales funnel, your Sales Funnel Audit purchase of £150 will be credited back to you from the first month of work.

The work we typically undertake for clients is:

Sales funnel design using and Facebook Ads to drive traffic.  Email sequencing and product launch best practices will also usually be implemented.

Each client will require different elements of our services depending on their needs, this will determine the final cost of the sales funnel build and ongoing management for any paid social activity and consultancy.

We aim to pay for ourselves by months 2-3 through greater volumes of your course sales on Teachable coming directly from the new sales funnel.

Alternatively   you may just want to use our DEEP DIVE SERVICE where you have a 1 hour Zoom call with our consultants. A call where you can have any sales course questions answered from technical challenges to sales techniques.  This is ideal if you just want help to get your course selling more without the commitment of a fully outsourced service.

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