The Price is Right! — 3 pricing strategies to help you sell more courses.

If you are coming from an academic background or a professional training company you may already have a good idea of what the market will pay for your training course.
But for most individual course creators it can be very difficult to understand how to price your course.
Are you leaving money on the table because you are charging too little?
Are you losing sales because you are charging too much?
So here are our top 3 tips for pricing your course in a way to get more sales:

Do you water your (online) garden enough to live off it?

How to build an online income from a course.

The journey is going to be long, so make sure you pick something you love not something you just think is quick money makes. If you have to write 150 articles about your subject then you are going to have to care about it!

and this is before you have even built your course!

The best way to start selling anything is to build a list and a community first, if you have an engaged list of followers you are in a great position.

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