Build a community but buy your audience!

Facebook is all about community (so they say), community guidelines, community groups, local pages etc.

But don’t confuse community with followers!

In the old days, you could post on Facebook and most of your followers would see your post. Not any more!

Now only an estimated 3–7% of your followers are likely to see your post.

Therefore Facebook Groups had become a more realistic environment for discussion and conversations to flow. These are great places for you to discuss with students more details about your course, the learning process and the application of your topic.

So, how do you get new students to discover your online course and join your groups if they are not seeing your posts and haven’t joined your groups yet?

The answer is… pay for them to see it!

If you use Facebook to run ads you can send prospects to your Teachable Sales Page to buy your course, subscribe to your mailing list or join your groups.

Of course, that is not always so simple, Ads are complicated, expensive and take a lot of fine-tuning!

So here is our list of PRO TIPS for getting more students using Facebook Ads:

1. When choosing a campaign type DON’T choose Traffic! It sounds counter-intuitive as you so want to send people to your Teachable page. But Traffic Campaigns sends traffic to your Ad, not necessarily to the Outbound Destination of your sales page! It will even give you results based on people clicking your Ad and NOT clicking and visiting your sales page! (Clicks to your sales page are called an ‘Outbound Click’ in Facebook, not ‘Clicks’).

2. Use Conversion Campaigns — This will require you to have installed a Facebook Pixel onto your Teachable Page. Go to: Teachable → Settings -> Integration -> Facebook Pixel and Paste your pixel ID to set this up. Then Facebook can “see” what is happening on your Teachable Sales Page even though this page is not hosted on Facebook. Knowing this Facebook will try and send traffic to your page that are most likely to take the desired Campaign conversion…

3. When selecting the type of conversion you want, start with ‘Initiate Checkout’ (if you don’t have historical data) if you have more than 50 purchases registered on your Pixel then AND ONLY THEN should you chose the ‘PURCHASE Conversion’ type.

4. When building your Ads split test only ONE element at a time. For example the artwork or the headline. Choose 4 versions of either one and then test to see which gets the best result. Testing more than one element at any one time IS A WASTE OF MONEY as you will not be gathering REAL data intelligence.

5. When you have enough sales (usually 100–200) then create a LOOKALIKE Audience from this PURCHASE DATA (using Events Manager in Facebook) to create a new audience to run your Ads too. Facebook holds a huge amount of data on each user and creating a lookalike audience from the purchase history stored in a pixel, is currently the best way of targeting more of your perfect customer types on Facebook.

6. NEVER, EVER use the Boost Button to run ads! You are just burning cash! Always use Facebook Ads Manager.

Build it and they will come….(If you pay to get them there)

Never has it been more important to learn how to use paid media than now.

If you are serious about generating a second or even primary income from online courses you will need to understand paid advertising (or find somebody who does).

We hope these Pro Tips help you improve your Ad performance to get more sales, followers and students.

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