It’s one thing for a sleight of hand magician to make a rabbit disappear into thin air. It’s another matter entirely to make the abstract and invisible nature of your course appear as a tangible product in your prospects mind.

How many times have you bought a product on Amazon or eBay which didn’t have a picture of the product? …. Never!

Then why do so many sales pages have nothing except text descriptions about the course?

When buying online consumers want to SEE what they are getting for their money.

create box sets for your course


When you see Netflix advertised you don’t just get a description saying:

“This is a video streaming service that will provide you will endless hours of TV, movies and documentaries” — you also get IMAGES OF THE SHOWS!

Likewise, you want to be able to show visual representations of your course or it’s content.

As most courses are constructed from video, audio and documents. You should aim to produce Amazon-like product images for these elements, to help your customers SEE what they are going to be getting.

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Take screenshots and add them to templates to make your course FEEL real!

Simple step by step process for creating product shots for your course.

Now we have established that you need “product shots” for your course and content. Here is a simple step by step process to help you produce images:

  1. Screenshot your course videos, slideshows and even the Teachable Course software using screen capture software. Macs have this for free (hold Shift, Command and 4) or just use Free software for PC. On mobile load your course on your phone/tablet and screen capture from there.
  2. Take the screenshot images you have and load them into photo editing software.
  3. Download FREE templates to add your image to a book or screen.
  4. Save the image and upload it to your course sales page!

Our favourite FREE Template sites:

Do ensure you don’t mislead your prospect, however, make sure they understand this is for representation purposes and that a physical product will not be shipping.

Why not create an individual image for each new module of your course and make a box set! Giving the idea that you can “binge-watch” your training.

However you choose to create images of your course, make sure it looks great on mobile, desktop and tablet. This can also give the impression that you can “learn on the go” which could be another selling point for your course sale.

Remember people like to “feel” like they have something tangible when they buy something and a product image is a powerful way to achieve this.

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