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The transition to an online economy has been happening for years.

But since the Covid19 pandemic the acceleration has increased, but yet, this still could be the very beginning.

Think about it, how much of your social time, your work time, your shopping, your entertainment is now online? 40%? 50% 60%? Do you think that will increase or decrease in the next 10 years?

As Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality work meetings, drone deliveries, AI predictions, voice search and the many other technologies that are emerging continue to impact our lives, we will move even more of our physical activities online.

So what about moving your income, investments and livelihood online?

This is not as easy as ever Course Guru, Bitcoin Trader, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) drop shipper and Instagram Influencer would have you believe.

Because all these income streams and businesses are as new as the internet and social media, just like any new market there are super success stories for the “fools” who got in and out early.

Remember if somebody is selling you a course on how to follow their steps to get rich online. It now means they have put their time into making money selling to you because NOW that is more profitable and a better return on their time than doing the very thing they are trying to convince you to do.

Three Secrets (nobody wants to hear) to getting rich quick online.

  1. Just like the lottery winners, those who strike it rich online are just the ones you hear about. Stud behind them are thousands of other equally talented people who just didn’t get lucky. They all played the same lottery game its just one set of numbers won. Nothing more.
  2. Getting rich quick takes time! Making money online is just the same as running any other business it takes time, effort and execution. If Mike Tyson (the boxer) sold a course saying… Become a world champion boxer in just 30 days! Even if you have never boxed before for just $997 or your money back!… Some people would buy it! Buy you cant, so why do you think you could build a successful business in the same way?
  3. You CAN start with nothing and quit your fulltime job. But remember spending your time on something that doesn’t pay is called a HOBBY, not a SIDE HUSSLE. A side hustle is only a business when it starts to pay. So be patient invest your time wisely and don’t expect immediate results. A very successful affiliate marketer now says you need 150 well-written blogs published online before traffic will even START to come to your website!

How to build an online income from a course.

The journey is going to be long, so make sure you pick something you love not something you just think is quick money makes. If you have to write 150 articles about your subject then you are going to have to care about it!

And this is before you have even built your course!

The best way to start selling anything is to build a list and a community first, if you have an engaged list of followers you are in a great position.

This is where your content and your marketing start to come together.

Get people on your mailing list, Whatsapp group or SMS service. And just give them value through content and conversation. Help them solve problems, demonstrate you are the expert.


Then you can start to introduce your products and courses to sell.

As you build your list, build out your course, write your blogs, post on social media, create your podcast or YouTube channel

I honestly think you should set an expectation that you won’t sell a single course for the first six months (possibly 12).

Not all bad news

This is not all bad news however if you have a realistic expectation you are less likely to quit after 3 months when nothing is happening.

You will get to know your community and you will be building a list which when you launch your course will be very receptive.

We launched a course for a data storytelling professional, she had an incredible launch week selling courses making many tens of thousands of dollars. But she had been building her list, blogging and running her podcast for over a year before we had this successful launch.

Your online garden can grow but like any garden it needs care, nurturing, skill, persistence and most of all patience. When you have this, you can build a sustainable and beautiful lifestyle online.

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