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It is so hard not to be cynical these days when it comes to selling online.

The world is inundated with Contrepreneurs, Fake Gurus and Get Rich Quick Scammers, all telling you that you can “automate your income”, or “build a list and retire.” Sadly the online course market is a go-to destination for these unscrupulous types.

however, It’s a pretty poor chicken that can’t find a grain of wheat in a dung heap!

Because many of these “gurus” actually tell the truth about how to build and market your course, it’s just the RESULTS and TIMESCALES that they exaggerate.

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of a “strategy” they use to get online sales is the Product Launch Strategy.

There are many versions of this concept floating around now with many fake gurus using it as part of their “secret formula”

They use it because this strategy for email direct response marketing… works!

What is a Product Launch Strategy?

The basic idea is that a few times a year you will launch a new course to your growing email list. (See on how to build your list and why.

And there are a number of “formulas” on who to do this but the basic principle is one of an ‘open’ and ‘closed’ cart.

The product launch sequence we have developed for selling more courses on works around “awareness topics.”

We will introduce a new content topic into the regular sequence of emails and dedicate a number of emails in a week to a New Product Launch. This may in fact still be the existing course but it could be with a new bundle or at a new price.

An Example of the email sequence would be:

Monday Email 1: Introduce the new content topic and that there will be emails all this week dedicated to this topic. Then add some valuable free information on the topic. Tell them there will be more tomorrow. (No selling)

Tuesday Email 2: Provide more GREAT content for FREE with more tomorrow. (no selling)

Wednesday Email 3: Provide more content for FREE. Ideally a sample of content from within the course you are trying to sell. Tell them there is going to be an offer coming in the next email.

Thursday Email 4: Give more great content and an offer for your Course (Teachable Coupon is best) and say the offer is only valid for the weekend, it ends midnight Sunday. (make sure the coupon expires then)

Friday Email 5: Last email of topic content for FREE. At the bottom of the email dedicated a section to the promotion. Tell them the content topic is now over but the FULL COURSE with (list course benefits) is still on offer until Sunday.

Saturday Email 6: Short reminder email that the offer ends tomorrow with further course benefits.

SUNDAY Send 2 EMAILS!: These are the most important and will bring in the majority of your sales!


The first email on your “closed cart” day is going to generate you the most course sales if you do it correctly.

N.B This is the time I should stop writing this article and send you a link to my email product launch course giving you this “secret”. Thanks fully we are not one of these “fake gurus” so your email content is below…

The email will be mainly a list of quotes from your existing customers. In some circles, this is called Social Proof. Saying in their own words why they love your product. Make each quote no more than two lines long.

Think “Amazon customer reviews” — simply list six to eight quotes in this email and put a clear call to action to purchase your course underneath with the fact that this offer ends tonight and when it’s gone it’s gone.

N.B. It may go without saying but just for total clarity. Make sure this offer is real and that really does end! And if you are making claims that the product/offer is unique, make sure it is. Or you will turn into one of these terrible fake gurus that we are all trying to disassociate from.

The email is a simple as that, but in all of our Teachable course launches, we consistently find that this email type converts the most sales when used EXACTLY as I described above.

Final Email

Just for completion we normally send a final reminder email at 9 pm on Sunday evening to say that this is the last reminder and at midnight the offer ends so they must act now! (This email normally converts about 30% that of the previous Power Email, so make sure you send it too.)

Collecting Your Social Proof Quotes

To get the content for your Power Email simply go out to your customers and ask them for their feedback about your product. Then use their EXACT language in your email, don’t be tempted to edit it for grammar and marketing purposes, you will remove its power.

Over time one of the greatest assets you will get in your business is reviews, endorsements and feedback. So an important lesson in any online business is to invest in talking and listening to your community. Don’t be interested in just selling courses, be interested in your customer’s transformation using your training. But that is a topic for a whole other sequence 😉

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