First off, you need to decide what course you are creating. Hint: start with a mini-course (for details on how to select one see (The procrastinator’s guide to launching an Online Course in 2020!)

Then you need to map out your course plan Freemind ( is mind mapping software that can help you make sense of all those different topics.

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Mind Mapping Software can really help you organise your thoughts into a mini-course.

Now you need to create the content for your cousre. Google docs is great but I use LibreOffice ( to do the bulk of my course creation. The word processor, LibreOffice Writer, is really simple to use and I can create PDFs straight from the toolbar. I find the presentation software, Impress, much easier to use than PowerPoint. I’ve used it for graphics in my videos, too. I can save files in many different formats, which makes things easy if I’m collaborating with somebody else. There are Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

DaVinci Resolve ( Believe it or not, major Hollywood studios use this free software to edit movies and TV shows! It looks a bit intimidating, but it’s actually easy to use when you know-how. There is a bit of a learning curve, so if you’re looking for something simpler try Video Pad ( Both apps have Windows and Mac versions.

Audacity ( is the sound recording and editing software I use for podcasts as well as for cleaning up the audio on my videos. Only a few years ago I was having to pay an audio facility a fortune to do what this app does for free. Windows, Mac and Linux versions available.

Camtasia ( is the leading product for screencapture videos. Not free, but you can use it unrestricted for 30 days — plenty of time to create your first course, launch it, and make enough money to purchase a license. Of course, if you have a mac you can just use SHIFT + COMMAND+5 and start to record!

If you still have questions about hosting and marketing your course then download Top 20 Tools For Creating an Online Course 2020 version for free.

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Download this FREE guide if you need more help in launching your online course.

With so many FREE tools available. There has never been a better time to pop your course cherry and start to make the world a better place by imparting your skills and knowledge to the waiting public!

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