When Lea Pica first appeared for coaching on Ask Pat Episode 1055 she was just at the start of her online journey and little did she know then, that her journey would end up as a course creator on Teachable.

A data storytelling professional, Lea wanted to transition from making money in workshop settings to live streaming her webinar to build an online scalable business.

Overwhelmed by the amount of work and expertise required to get to where she wanted, podcast host, Pat, the world-leading expert in passive income and online business growth, advised her to seek out an online business manager (OBM).

Fast forward 12 months and Lea is back on the podcast to share an update on her story only it now has a Teachable-twist.

Lea discovered that even though her webinars were well received much of her audience were unable to attend in real-time. So she decided to record the content to create an online course using Teachable.

Lea spent months creating the course but as she approached the launch she felt overwhelmed by questions relating to the course. How to launch a course? what price should my course be? How to use social media to promote her course? and so with Pat’s advice still fresh in her mind, she sought out expertise.

The following is taken from the interview between Pat and Lea on Episode 1101 of Ask Pat 2.0

“Lea: I think a lot of times entrepreneurs, when we start out, we want to be this jack of all trades and we want to be the last word on everything. But we can stray from that zone of genius that we know so well. Where I know I should be drafting courses on advanced charting and the hero’s journey and the stuff that really gets me fired up. I don’t want to be programming tags in ActiveCampaign, as much as I love it, or fiddling with the backend mechanics of webinar platforms and even trying to figure out the whole strategy of how the funnel all ties together. So I would tell myself, listen to your gut instinct and seek out the kind of help where your zone of genius ends and someone else’s begins.”

“And I did some Google searching and I found this agency called Reachable and they specialize in auditing people who have Teachable courses and seeing how they can help advance and optimize the flow.

Pat: They specifically target Teachable courses or just any online course?

Lea: Teachable.

Pat: So Reachable, Teachable. I like it.

Lea: Exactly. And I was really impressed with how well they niched to that platform because as a new Teachable person, I couldn’t make heads or tails of the sales pages in some ways. Tagging and bundling and all this stuff. And they blew me away with their expertise right out of the gate”

“Reachable were able to restructure the course in a way that made so much more sense for the launch. Helped me with the launch sequence and with a pretty bare-bones launch, no advertising, no webinar, just email marketing and social, we totally killed our goals. We broke through the Teachable August creator challenge. It was awesome!”

Pat: That’s really amazing. Well, first of all, congrats on the success and the journey.

As Lea goes on to describe her feelings on the launch day:

“when we launched, and you’re sort of white knuckling it on those first hours like, “Oh, please, please, please,” because you’re really not sure if anyone’s going to buy it. And then we had a really solid first day, but then they just kept coming in at a nice clip and the money just appeared. It felt like freedom because there were no invoices to clients. There were no POs to fill out and paper checks to track down.”

Thanks to the advice from Pat Flynn, Lea outsourced her sales funnel, digital marketing and course launch strategy to the team at Reachable.agency

So the moral of this story is. If your online business is overwhelming you or your Teachable course is not selling — seek out help because you’re just one Teachable-funnel away from course selling success!

Reachable Agency helps online course creators to sell more courses through professional services and online training.

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