Our Top 5 FREE Udemy Digital Marketing courses

So, you thought we only discussed all things Teachable, did you? Well, you thought wrong. It’s about time to give our Udemy friends some love! And what better way to do this than promoting 5 FREE digital marketing courses which might help some of you creators promote your own e-learning course. Here are our top 5 free Udemy digital marketing courses.

Pricing Your Services: Conquer the Five Pitfalls

This one is first in our list for a reason! (even though this list isn’t ranked …) The number one question that we get asked is — ‘ How do I know what to charge for my course?’ We find that more often than not, course providers struggle to see what their own course is worth, how do you put a price on your own knowledge? That’s where this course comes in super useful

This 1-hour course will teach you the 5 most common pricing pitfalls, how to address them and how to develop a pricing system that means you’re not overpricing and putting off potential customers, but also, not selling yourself short. This course has a 4.2 rating and did we mention it’s free and only an hour long? How could you go wrong? Check it out here

155 Years of Copywriting Insights Taught In 1.5 Hour Course!

You’ve got a great idea for an online course, you have all the knowledge, the resources and the drive. But one thing is standing in your way… How do you write it all down and present it to a professional standard with a correct tone? You’re an expert in (cake making, gardening, finance etc) not copywriting! If this is you, you need this course.

Eric John Campbell (the course creator) explains that if you choose the right words to speak to your audience, your sales increase by 300%! With that statistic, why would you not spend 1.5 hours of your life becoming a copywriting pro?! Check it out here

How to Start a Blog — 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge

Have you ever thought of creating a blog to complement your Teachable course? Blogs are a great way to present your knowledge and authority on a subject and well as providing your potential students with a free resource to check out whilst deciding whether your course is the one for them. But how do you go about creating a blog? Zac Johnson has all the answers.


As a top blogger himself, Zac will teach you all (or most) of what he has learnt in his 20 years of blogging experience with his 7-day blog challenge. With a 4.2 rating and 21,937 students currently enrolled, this is the course for you if you want to get your blogging on. Check it out here.

YouTube 101: Keys to a Successful Channel

So, chances are, if you’ve never thought about creating a blog, you won’t have even considered starting a YouTube channel, or, if you have, you’ve dismissed the idea quickly. We don’t blame you! Getting in front of a camera is daunting and it can be time-consuming. But creating online videos for potential customers is a great way to introduce yourself personally, creating a connection between yourself and the viewer which can’t be replicated with blogs. Using a YouTube channel to complement your online course doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you may think. Once a video is created, it can be used in both your online course and on your YouTube channel, a double win! But how do you build the confidence to get in front of a camera? And how do you direct any traffic to your channel in a sea of millions? You need Andy Slye

Andy’s course is currently rated 4.3 with 30,437 enrolled students. He promises to teach how to create professional videos, build an audience and boost your overall brand — all for free! Check it out here.

Twitter for Business

Now on to something a little less time consuming — Twitter, a great tool for any business. The social media platform allows you to promote your business as well as keep current students up to date all in a 280 character post! It also allows potential students to check out your nuggets of wisdom before committing to your course.

Eric Schwartzman will teach you why you need twitter for your course, how to launch an account, how to install twitter widgets on your site, best practices for getting retweeted and much, much more. Rated 4.2, this course is a must-have! Check it out here

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