How to make Teachable reachable and sell more courses without spending a fortune on complicated 3rd party apps!

“Build it and they will come”

You are the expert instructor of your subject, eager to teach students how to become a master of your field. You spent months building your course on Teachable; collecting and creating resources, building the page template, creating price structures and editing videos.


You are ready to welcome students to your state of the art course … and then you hit THE problem, you’re not selling any courses!


No one knows you’re there, and you fear your time and effort has gone to waste and worse, you’re worried that it’s your content that isn’t good enough. 

What does Teachable advise for this? 

You read the blog posts containing handy hints such as; spread the word on social media, create a sales funnel using third party software, host a webinar… but these blog posts fail to tell you HOW to implement these techniques so they can be utilised to their full potential.

You are left to navigate a complicated jungle of third-party software and services which you have no idea how to use. 

What is the real cost of Teachable?

To market your school Teachable recommends these 3rd party software providers. (These figures are annual prices found on the respective websites). 

Plus of course…

So the total cost per year on average is $4,524 if you use all this software or if you choose the pro plans you will pay a whopping $15,288 a year! Before you have sold a single course!

Then add on top of this Facebook advertising, PPC with google and time invested into podcasts, blogging, tweets and posting in groups and you could easily spend $20,000+ in one year!

Even if you choose the standard plans, if you sell your courses at the Teachable average price of $100 per course, you would have to sell 46 courses just to break even! 

The prize is worth it however according to Zion Research the global online course market was valued at around USD 3.61 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately USD 25.33 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of over  32.09% between 2019 and 2025. There really is a future in online earning and with and your online school can be in the center of this huge life-changing explosion.

So, don’t let the pain of getting your course up and running put you off, perhaps you just need a helping hand to get your course flying…?

The teachers teacher...

The good news is, it’s very rarely your course content that’s the issue. Typically, it’s the marketing and sales messaging of the course that’s letting you down. This is where we can help. We are Reachable a dedicated agency to help solve the dilemma of poor teachable sales and to ensure potential students come knocking at your door every day.

With our Teachable audit you will see how to increase your course sales in Teachable.

With our years of marketing experience in building sales funnels, we will research and identify where potential students are hanging out online and send them to your school. Then, we optimise your Teachable sales pages to become a high converting sales funnel, using tried and tested techniques. Finally, we create an automated sales funnel to constantly sell your Teachable courses, increasing your earnings and making your online teaching dream a reality.

Not a tech whiz? We handle all the technical integrations for third-party software so you don’t have to. We are your one stop shop for linking all the programs you actually need, to ensure that selling your course is easier and more efficient. 

Our approach is simple, we do a full audit of your existing marketing, sales pages, school and courses and provide you with a Teachable Audit Report which will show you each and every element of your current offering and why it is not converting into sales.   We provide a fully costed and detailed way in which this can be fixed so you can turn your courses into cash!  

Your dream of selling online course is not so far away with the right help from our experts and a functioning sales funnel you can make teachable reachable and focus on what you love, teaching!

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